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    Getting the products you need to do your job is critical

Company Promise

Rig Ways International know that World demand for oil and gas is at an all-time high as emerging economies demand increasing amounts to fuel their growth. The Energy Information Administration predicts that world oil demand will gradually. The majority of oil and gas reserves that will be needed to satisfy this increasing demand are located in either geographically remote or politically sensitive areas (or both), making them more difficult and expensive to exploit.
Rig Ways International will provide you the Most reliable solutions and services with taking in consideration Cost and Quality.


Technical training and professional development services for the oil and Gas industry. We offer a portfolio of over 100 practical courses.

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Drilling Operation

RWI has been operating as an international drilling contractor providing offshore and onshore drilling services encompassing almost all rig types and geographical areas.

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Our inspections aim to contribute to getting the drilling rig prepared for drilling operations.we must fit in with the onshore and offshore teams and provide direct and prompt feedback.

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Man Power

Rig Ways International Company committed to the Oil & Gas Drilling Sector. With a focus to supply rig crew for international drilling operations we have the capacity to hunt for and to supply the best talent available.

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Supply tools

Getting the products you need to do your job is critical. Grainger can help keep your oil and gas operations running smoothly, efficiently and safely with a wide range of available products and safety services.

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Sand Blast

The air compressor provides a large volume of high pressure air to a single or multiple “blast pots”. Blast pots are pressurized,tank-like containers, filled with abrasive material,used to allow an adjustable amount of blasting grit into the main blasting line.

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