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Our highly trained technicians can assist you with repairs several ways:Give us a call if you are having problems. Several of the more common problems people have with their inspection equipment can be solved with a technician over the phone.If that does not solve the problem, our technicians can meet you in the field or you can send your equipment to our offices in the US or UK, where we can functionally test and repair all of your inspection equipment.We also work in close contact with our suppliers to repair all of your BHA supplies such as black lights, light meters, etc.

 Having a well trained operator is key to the success of any inspection company.TIP Offers training on Four function, Buggy, Wellhead, and Ultrasonic Inspection Equipment.This Training is complimentary when you purchase a TIP Inspection Unit.

 Tubular inspection products has you covered if you are looking for a one stop shop for having all of your devices calibrated and certified. We have constructed very efficient in-house procedures that link all calibrations back to the corresponding traceable NIST devices in order to meet the demands set by industry standards such as the DS1.Our skilled calibration specialists offer the fastest turn around in the industry. Are you looking for someone to come to you? T.I.P. has you covered there too!We have extensively equipped calibration trucks with experienced calibration teams that come to your location. We also maintain a program that notifies you several weeks before your calibrations expire. With locations in the United States, Scotland and Australia we are able to efficiently provide this service on a global level.For more information please contact us.

Our expert trainers are experienced practitioners in their field which means our training moves beyond theory, giving you valuable real-world insights.To discuss how we can support your training and certification requirements, contact us today.

At Tubular Inspection Products, our machining capabilities are not limited to the inspection industry. We offer state of the art, specialized production machining with manual and CNC lathes and mills capable of machining your products to your ideal specifications.We also offer proprietary and specialty machining to customers outside the Oil Industry.Our machinists are highly skilled and fully capable of working with you to produce your equipment and tools to your specifications.

BOP & Well Control


BOP and well control equipment manage the high-risk part of the oil and gas extraction process, and undoubtedly represent the most critical components on any rig.

Cyber Rig Inspection


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Whilst recognising the importance that the equipment onsite is ‘fit for purpose’ and performs as expected, we should never forget that the equipment......

After thirty years inspecting rigs worldwide you can imagine we’ve gained quite a reputation; the words consistently used by our clients to underpin ....

ROV Inspections


Over the last decade the drive to discover and exploit new reserves of oil has taken drilling into deeper and deeper waters bringing with it a whole new set of .....

Tubular inspection


That our company is honored to provide services to you in the field of information and communication Technology....